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  1. Namo buddhaya!
    My name is Dilbag from Perth, Australia. I’m living in a Buddhist Forest Monastery on my way to become a Monk. One of our senior monk started a website http://suttacentral.net/, the aim is to have Tipitaka and Vinaya in different languages of the world just on one website to preserve and spread the dhamma. I wondering if you would be able to send digital copies of Nikayas or any of the texts from Pali canon in Hindi and any of the other Indian languages via email? Can you please tell me what books you publish?

    Kind Regards

  2. कृपया मुझे समता सैनिक दल का विधान pdf में उपलब्ध करावे।

    • Maharashtra:
      09890704187 – DadaRao Ambade
      09423105694 – Dr. Sanjay Gajbhiye (ALL India General Secretary)
      09403929256 – Pradhnyakar Chandankhede
      All Over India and specially for South India: S. Chandraiah – 09440689740 (All India Chairman)
      North India: Virendra Lakha – 09814823025 (North Secretary)

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